Other projects

Working with books & hooks


As a charity, we wish to empower young girls, and we aim to support them in every way that we can. We partnered up with a local organisation called ‘Books & Hooks’, and brought the joy of crocheting to Zanzibar. Often, after girls finish school in these areas, they are sometimes left with a lack of options, and as a charity, we wanted to help them support themselves and their families, or even indulge in a new hobby, by learning how to crochet and perhaps even start up a small business. One of the village elders was experienced in the field of sewing and crocheting and we entrusted her with this vision. 

In 2016, we worked with a local group called Books & Hooks. They are a group that sews and crochets. We partnered up with them and the group crocheted beautiful blankets for babies in Zanzibar. The mothers were happy to receive them and thought that the colours were lovely.